Our Team



Hi! I’m from the windy city of Chicago. I have been working in dental offices for about 14 years now. I’ve gone from dental assistant to insurance biller to receptionist to office manager. I am your go-to person for any financial or insurance questions you may have. My main goal is to make sure that all of your needs are met and your questions answered from the beginning to the end of every one of your visits with us.

Manhattan Dental Studio isn’t just a job. Here, we’re all family! Dr Tomack is a wonderful boss. (I promise he didn’t pay me to say that!) He treats everyone with respect and has a great sense of humor. I know you’re going to love him!

If you have any questions, you can contact me at JessicaE@ManhattanDentalStudio.com



Hi! My name is Melissa. I grew up in central New Jersey. I began working in dental office about 6 years ago. Over the years, I have learned so much dental terminology and how dental insurance works and is accepted. I take great pride in my smile, so being in a field that promotes a healthy smile is a plus! I especially enjoy working at Manhattan Dental Studio because it is a very giving atmosphere. The patients and the staff are friendly and really make me feel at home.

In my free time, I dedicate myself to my studies. Writing has also been a fun pass-time since I was 10 years old. I continue to write poetry to try to expand my vocabulary.

If you need to reach me, my email is: Melissa@ManhattanDentalStudio.com



Hello, my name is Marzena, but everyone calls me Margi. I’m originally from Northwest Poland. I moved to New York in 1996. I worked for an oral surgeon for two years, then in 1998 I started working with Dr Tomack as his assistant. When it comes to dentistry, we have worked together for so long that it’s almost like Dr Tomack and I can read each other’s minds. I enjoy interacting with patients and making them feel comfortable.

When I’m not at work, I like being outdoors, camping, skiing and spending time with my family.



I was born and raised outside of Seattle, Washington. I heard of an opening with Manhattan Dental Studio and was invited to the join the team as a hygienist in the summer of 2013. Manhattan Dental Studio offers the best of everything. Dr Tomack and Dr Behrens are excellent doctors who care for their patients, friends and family with the same care, honesty and expertise. As a hygienist and clinician, I do my very best to be very through and very gentle. I am honest, thoughtful, and compassionate and will do all I can to educate you on the treatment that is best for you. I also make a special effort to notice and point out the effort you put in. If you are doing well I will tell you! However, if you need to step it up a bit, I will tell you what, how and why it is important to do so.

Outside of work, I am very active. I like to run, bike and play with kids and my dog. I like to watch my kids in their sports and activities, explore the art of NYC and travel.



After working as a dental assistant for fifteen years, it was a natural progression to become a dental hygienist to be able to care for people on a more personal level. I started working at Manhattan Dental Studio in March 2015. I have to say that I really love the sense of family and unity among us. I feel that you will enjoy your visits with me because I am easy to talk to, non judge-mental, and realistic in terms, of expectations from patients. I am also knowledgeable with holistic care. If you’re interested,  I love to share alternative methods with oral hygiene home care.

After hours, I love spending time outdoors with my husband and our fluffy son, Nik, a 10 year old Maltese. I travel whenever possible and I absolutely love trying out new fabulous restaurants in the area. 



Hello! My name is Kima. It’s pronounced “Key-ma” I was born and raised in Texas, but I have been in NY now for about 9 years. I’ve been interested in dental ever since I was little and had to wear braces. I became an assistant in 2000 and then a hygienist in 2010. I always like to make sure my patients are comfortable. I feel that once the patient is comfortable , they are able to open up and I can better help them.

I’m married with two children- a 4 year old and a 2 year old, so I’m always busy. I love to spend time with my family!



I started working in the dental field after my children started school. Our family dentist offered me a job running his office; I liked it so much that I decided to make a career out of it and learn the clinical area. I now assist all the doctors at Manhattan Dental Studio. I enjoy interacting with the patients and helping the doctors achieve the best solution to the patients needs. This brings me a lot of pleasure. What I enjoy most is knowing how satisfied each of our patients are when they leave the office. Patients appreciate my friendly, caring and detailed-oriented personality. I listen to their concerns and make them comfortable by answering any questions they may have prior to their treatment. It is a great feeling, being able to make the patient feel relaxed during their visit.

On the weekends, I enjoy gardening, playing the piano, bicycle riding and walking with my dog along the water.